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Look no further for the latest news, best practices and expert insights on construction fleet leasing management. Count on us for a steady stream of new information on products, services, trends and leasing developments.
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Safety & Accident

Targeted news and advice on the Safety and Risk-related issues critical to fleet management. Extensive coverage of safety news, product reviews, cost calculators, accident management, driver training and comprehensive archives.
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Get the expert information and research you need for fleet remarketing. Learn how to increase vehicle residuals while effectively using resale channels and lowering deprecation costs from the articles, tools and expert insight provided in this comprehensive channel.
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Fuel Management

Refine your approach to your fleet's oil and gas management with the help of the following articles on fuel costs, best practices, efficiency strategies and alternative vehicles and fuel.
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Green Fleet

Use the alternative energy revolution to your advantage and learn the newest ways to reduce fuel costs, explore hybrid and electric vehicles and develop non-traditional energy solutions. You’ll find when you shrink your carbon footprint and improve your green image, you get a lot more public relations mileage.
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GPS / Telematics

The Telematics section offers news, articles and tips on the latest technology for routing your fleets as well as providing safety and security with GPS and related technology.
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Learn the latest on fleet vehicle maintenance from our news entries and articles. We offer product updates, maintenance cost stories, and company profiles.
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Vehicle Research

Find exclusive fleet vehicle research and valuable insights in one easy-to-search location. Stay current on the hottest technology advances and construction vehicle specs—from large hybrid trucks, medium duty work trucks, van bodies to heavy equipment and more.
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Six Reasons Why Electronic Logging Can Benefit Your Business
This eBook will focus on six reasons why fleets just like yours are embracing compliance changes and ultimately using them as a broad and urgent opportunity for fleet-wide transformation.
Getting the Big Picture in Small Fleet Management
How much do you actually know about your company’s vehicles?
Like Kind Exchange (LKE) Programs: A Case Study in Cash Flow Improvement
If you’re a Fleet owner, you can dramatically improve your cash flow by implementing a proven tax strategy called a Like Kind Exchange (LKE) Program.
Driver Acceptance eBook
If you're considering a GPS vehicle tracking system for your business or public agency fleet, you probably know it's a powerful tool for controlling costs and improving fleet productivity. Yet, despite the many potential benefits, you may worry about a backlash from drivers who don't understand the advantages of these systems.
The Value of Money
This whitepaper covers financial considerations for managers of large fleets when weighing fleet card options.
Improving the ROI of Driver Safety: Best Practices for Driver Risk Management and Fostering a Culture of Driver Safety
What do businesses need to know to proactively address driver risk and safety issues? How do they connect the dots between all the available driver data to better understand their level of risk? And what programs can they put in place to foster safe driving behaviors and create a culture of safety in their organizations?
How to Introduce GPS Tracking to Your Employees
Fleet Managers across the country are quickly turning to GPS tracking software for all of the benefits the technology offers, but many of them don’t know how to introduce the program to their employees.
Fleet Metrics Decoded: How to Measure Your Fleet & Identify Ways to Save Money & Improve Service
Your fleet metrics tell the story of your fleet’s efficiency. But how do you interpret your fleet metrics so you can make decisions and reduce costs?
Traffic Violations are on the Rise: How Fleets Can Prepare
Fuel, insurance, preventive maintenance and repairs are generally accepted as standard operating costs for fleets. What about vehicle-issued violations, such as parking, toll and photo enforcement tickets?

Fleet Telematics: Making the Big Picture Easier to See


Implementing telematics can mean an overload of data points. CarChip Connect from Davis Instruments helps you to connect those data points with your fleet’s safety, efficiency, maintenance and ROI goals. Our job is to make your job easier!

The Fleet Manager's Handbook


Join us for an overview of fleet managers' common concerns, with a focus on cost savings, operational efficiencies, and the latest technologies.

GPS Fleet Tracking at the Next Level: Beyond the Basics


Join industry experts to learn how connected fleet management solutions can help your business gain a competitive edge in your day to day operations.     Fleet solutions today provide technology and analytics that offer fleet managers a much broader and more detailed view of activity in the field and greater intelligence than just knowing the location of vehcles.   This webinar will highlight how other companies go beyond the GPS "dots on a map."

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Work Truck - September/October 2013

In This Issue:
Here are the Highlights

  • All-New Transit & Transit Connect Offer Power of Choice
  • Spec’ing Medium-Duty Trucks for Maximum Resale
  • 2014-MY Class 1-6 Trucks Deliver Something for Every Fleet
    And much more…


    New Work Engines of Tomorrow

    From hybrids to electric vehicles, it is important to have the right fuel to drive down fuel costs.

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    Telematics Cuts 200-Truck Fleet Annual Fuel Spend by Nearly $200K

    The wireless system helps a lumber transport company prevent unauthorized use, decrease idling time, and avoid maintenance problems.

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    Ship-To vs. Ship-Thru Ordering: What's Better for Your Fleet?

    When dealing with truck upfits, two methods are available to ensure a smooth order-to-delivery process.

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    NTEA Work Truck Show Heads to Chicago

    For the first time, the National Truck Equipment Association will stage its annual conference in the Windy City, offering more than 40 intensive educational programs and the “world’s largest vocational truck show.”

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    Vehicle Graphics Do's, Dont's, and Advice

    Utilized as advertisements or mobile billboards, vehicle graphics can give fleet vehicles an identity. The pros advise not to make designs too busy or complicated, and communicate needs and requirements clearly.

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    Dodge Debuts First-Ever Ram Crew Cab

    The all-new 2009 Ram is Dodge’s first entry into the largest and fastest-growing part of the market — Crew Cab. The new model offers more than 35 new or improved features, including a new 5.7L Hemi V-8.

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    Freightliner M2e Hybrid Gets Down to Business

    With improved fuel economy, lower emissions, extended brake wear, and reduced idle time, Freightliner’s Business Class M2e Hybrid offers fleets a “clean” way to get the job done.

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    ARI Hosts Fleet Management Workshop in So. Cal.

    Thirty-five fleet professionals from 20 agencies participated in a two-day fleet management seminar event, hosted by Automotive Resources International.

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    New F-150: Lighter, Leaner, and Even Meaner

    The new 2009 Ford F-150 remains a strong performer in the full-size pickup market. It now has a lighter frame to boost fuel economy.

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